Profiber Stab 5 – Stabilizer for ice cream and sorbets, free from synthetic emulsifiers and additives, uses 100% plant-based fibers


For the last two years, at SOSA INGREDIENTS we have been researching fibers as innovative solutions for the pastry industry. In this way, we have discovered a host of technical functions that improve textures, reduce sugars and fats, and enhance the flavour of our products.

From this research was born the idea of an ice cream stabiliser based on three fibers which, thanks to the combination of their technical properties, is ideal for ice cream makers looking for more natural options, in contrast to synthetic emulsifiers such as monoglycerides and diglycerides of fatty acids (E-471), commonly used in ice cream stabilisers.

We are therefore excited to present our new stabiliser, free of synthetic emulsifiers and additives, made from 100% vegetable fibers: Profiber Stab 5.

The choice of vegetable fibers as a stabilising ingredient in the formulation of Profiber Stab 5 is not only a technical innovation, but also a commitment to quality and integration of natural ingredients into our product portfolio.

Vegetable fibers, derived from natural sources, brings a number of significant benefits to the stability of ice cream. Their ability to form stable structures and retain water contributes to smooth texture and the prevention of unwanted crystallisation.

In addition, vegetable fibers is known for its nutritional profile, adding a healthy component to your ice cream creations.

By choosing Profiber Stab 5, you are not only improving the quality and texture of your ice cream, but also offering your customers a more natural and balanced option, thus elevating the artisan ice cream experience to a healthier and more delicious level.

Ingredient selection

The secret behind the effectiveness of Profiber Stab 5 lies in its careful selection of natural ingredients. This stabiliser is composed of three types of vegetable fibers with specific technical functions that improve the quality of your ice creams and sorbets. Citrus fiber acts as a natural emulsifier, ensuring that the ingredients mix homogeneously and maintain a uniform texture. Flax fiber is an exceptional stabiliser that contributes to the structure of the ice cream, providing a solid, creamy base. Finally, psyllium is responsible for water retention, maintaining moisture and preventing the formation of ice crystals, ensuring a smooth and perfect texture in every bite.

Exceptional characteristics

  • Hot and cold stabiliser: Profiber Stab 5 offers unmatched versatility, being effective in both hot and cold processes. This means you can achieve exceptional results no matter which technique you use.
  • Good emulsifying properties: Thanks to its exceptional emulsifying capacity, our stabiliser ensures a homogeneous distribution of ingredients, achieving a smooth, creamy texture in every bite.
  • Creates a very creamy texture: Creaminess is essential for quality ice cream, and Profiber Stab 5 does not skimp on this. It adds a silky and pleasant texture to your final product, which will delight the most demanding palates.
  • Anti-crystallising power: Forget about unwanted crystals in your ice cream. Profiber Stab 5 acts as a protective shield, maintaining the perfect consistency and preventing the formation of crystals, even after storing the ice cream.
  • Neutral flavour and Clean Label: We are proud to offer a stabiliser with a neutral taste and clean label. Profiber Stab 5 not only improves the quality of your ice cream, but also meets the expectations of modern consumers looking for additive-free products.


The Profiber Stab 5 puts excellence at your fingertips. The recommended dosage is 0.5% of the total mass (in kg), but if you are working with bases that require further stabilisation, such as acidic fruits, you can increase the dosage up to 0.7%. The flexibility provided by this stabiliser allows you to adapt it to your specific needs.

Instructions for use:

Incorporating Profiber Stab 5 is easy. Mix the stabiliser with the ice cream base cold or hot (at 85º) with an electric mixer to disperse the product effectively. Allow the mixture to mature cold for 24 hours to ensure proper hydration and then butter in the refrigerator. Freeze your ice cream or sorbet in the shortest possible time to maintain freshness and quality.


To optimise the functionality of the product, we recommend hydrating Profiber Stab 5 hot (at 85º). This small step will make the difference in the final quality of your ice cream.

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