Exploring the Future of Pastry with Sosa Ingredients: Leading Participation in the “Science & Cooking World Congress Barcelona”


We are pleased to share the exciting experience we had as sponsors of the 4 Science & Cooking World Congress Barcelona, held on 13, 14 and 15 November 2023 at the prestigious University of Barcelona. During these three days, we had the honour of immersing ourselves in the most innovative conversations and exploring the most vanguard trends in the world of gastronomy.

Leading participation in the round table discussion on the “Pastry of the Future”.

One of the highlights of our engagement was the active participation in the conversation table on the Pastry of the Future. Our Marketing Director, Lilibeth Rivas, together with Francisco Migoya had the honour of moderating an exciting discussion with four exceptional profiles and specialists in their respective sectors: Frédéric Bau, creator of the École Valrhona and author of “Reasoned Gourmandise”; Joyce Galvao, Will Goldfarb and Jordi Bordas.

Together, these four professionals brought unique perspectives on the incorporation of artificial intelligence in recipe creation, the sustainability of ingredients, the importance of local produce and the critical role of women in the industry. It was an enriching dialogue that reflected the diversity of approaches that are shaping the exciting future of patisserie.

This exchange of ideas between internationally renowned specialists underlines our commitment to excellence and the constant search for innovation in the selection of ingredients for gastronomy. We are proud to have been part of a conversation that not only explored the present, but also anticipated the trends that will define tomorrow’s pastry-making.

Exceptional presentation on Fibers in Pastry-Making

On Tuesday 14 November, we highlighted our joint work on Fibers in Pastry-Making, led by renowned pastry-chef Jordi Bordas and our R&D director, Oscar Albiñana. The presentation was a testimony to our ongoing commitment to excellence and the search for innovative solutions in the creation of gastronomic products.

Being on the cutting edge: our philosophy

For Sosa Ingredients, participating in events of this magnitude, such as the Science & Cooking World Congress Barcelona, not only allows us to keep up to date in the academic field, but also to immerse ourselves in the scientific world that drives our industry. This experience strengthens us and inspires us to be pioneers in product conceptualisation, ensuring that we are at the leading edge of gastronomic innovation.

To relive the highlights of our time at the Congress, we invite you to watch our video summary of the conference. Discover how Sosa Ingredients is leading the way to the future of gastronomy.

We thank all participants, speakers and attendees for making this event an unforgettable experience. We remain committed to excellence and innovation in the selection of the best ingredients for gastronomy.

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