Fibers for pastry-making and their main advantages


Over time, consumers’ eating habits are changing. In recent years, more and more people are looking for a slightly healthier lifestyle. In this constant search to provide new options, at Sosa Ingredients we have proposed a new category of ingredients for pastry-making: Fibers, so that we can offer options to reduce sugars and have other alternatives, without giving up the desserts we love so much.

Main advantages of pastry fibers

Over time, fibers has been an overlooked ingredients in the bakery and pastry industry. In the context of a healthy lifestyle, this component in the right proportions helps to control blood glucose and cholesterol levels. In addition, it prevents a rise in blood sugar levels and weight gain.

However, in recent years, the pastry industry has discovered one of the main advantages of fibers in the pastry industry: its texturising properties. This makes it possible to thicken a liquid mass by giving it the desired density and viscosity. For example, creams and sauces require this process to achieve the body desired by the pastry chef.

On the other hand, they allow us to give elasticity to different types of doughs such as bread, or to bind different ingredients in a single one in a easy way. When we make biscuits or cakes, we need to mix a wide variety of components such as sugar, flour or chocolate, among others. Water is another ingredient that is present in the elaboration of different desserts. Thanks to this type of fiber, we are able to produce an emulsion. To achieve this goal, the presence of a ingredient with this type of property is essential.

One of the best options to achieve textures in pastry-making

To achieve textures in pastry-making, some of the best options can be found in our company. All our products are the result of the work we have carried out alongside Jordi Bordas, one of the first centres to pioneer the use of fibers in this sector. In this sense, in our catalogue we can find a wide variety of options.

One of the main options is Flaxfiber. It can be obtained from brown and golden flax seeds. This already provides something completely natural that makes a difference. It stands out for dissolving easily, without the need for heating, as well as for thickening and increasing the creaminess of any dessert. In addition, it can also be used in all kinds of acidic preparations. On the other hand, you can use other options to complement any dish you cook.

For example, Natur Emul is a type of fiber that comes from citrus fruits. Made entirely from vegetable components, it is capable of emulsifying both hot and cold. Creams, whipped doughs or ice creams are some of its main uses. In the same line, we find Psyllium, a fiber that provides elasticity and is characterised by being very stable to any type of temperature change.

Inulin is another of the main fibers that you can find in our catalogue. Its properties can be used both hot and cold, reducing the consumption of sugars and fats, as well as providing creaminess. Oligofruct also comes from roots or tubers and is soluble in cold.

Compatible in gluten-free recipes

Pastries and gluten-free bread suitable for coeliacs are also among the recipes that have been gaining in importance in recent years. This is precisely another of the great benefits offered by this type of fibre, -Psyllium- because it can be incorporated into all these preparations without any problem.

The fibres have the ability to integrate seamlessly with all types of flours, starches and can also act as an egg substitute. The sweetening power of some of them also makes it possible to achieve a taste similar to sugar without the need to use it. This allows to maintain a sweet touch, so important in many types of cakes and pastries, but gaining in being a really healthy dessert.

Finally, the ability of some fibres to interact with all kinds of fruits should not be overlooked, especially when preparing any kind of sorbet. Like fats, it has a thermo-reversible power. This means that when it is heated above 35-40% it starts to lose its texture. Therefore, we can offer much healthier solutions that do the same function as fat without it being present.

In conclusion, the fibers for pastry-making is one of the best options to make desserts that keep a good taste, but at the same time are completely healthy. If you want to opt for the best ingredients, contact us and we will give you personalised advice.

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