Pistacho Financier


If you are a vegan and gluten-free dessert enthusiast, you can’t miss this delicious recipe for “Pistachio Financier”. This French sponge cake is characterized by its soft and moist texture, and its pistachio flavor makes it irresistible.

For this vegan version, we used fibers to provide structure and substituted ingredients that allow the recipe to be gluten-free. But don’t worry, the flavor and texture are still just as delicious.

This recipe is part of a more complex elaboration: “Pistachio, coconut and blackcurrant”; created by Jordi Bordas and that you can get at the the Fibers User Manual.

FIBERS Pistacho Financier

Pistacho Financier

In this vegan, gluten-free dough, Flaxfiber helps us to create the financier structureand a perfect result that doesn’t fall apart after baking.
Servings 4 cakes
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  • 189 g Water
  • 63 g Pistachio paste SOSA
  • 35 g Sunflower oil
  • 84 g Sugar
  • 3,5 g Salt
  • 3 g Flaxfiber SOSA
  • 140 g Brown rice flour Sieved
  • 161 g Pistachio flour Sieved
  • 14 g Water-soluble natural mint green colouring powder Sieved
  • 7,5 g Baking powder Sieved


  • Mix the water, pistachio paste, sunflower oil, sugar, salt and Flaxfiber and emulsify thoroughly using a blender for 1 minute.
    189 g Water, 63 g Pistachio paste, 35 g Sunflower oil, 3,5 g Salt, 3 g Flaxfiber, 84 g Sugar
  • Mix the rice flour, pistachio flour, food colouring and baking powder and whisk them into the previous preparation.
    140 g Brown rice flour, 14 g Water-soluble natural mint green colouring powder, 7,5 g Baking powder, 161 g Pistachio flour

To learn more about the use of Fibers in pastry-making, you can download the first Fibers User Manual at:

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