Cinema Ice-cream: Caramel and Blond Chocolate Popcorn


This time we would like to share with you a recipe that you will surely love: Cinema Ice Cream: Popcorn, Caramel and Blondie Chocolate. A combination of flavours in every spoonful that you wouldn’t expect.

With three different elaborations and some special ingredients, we managed to create a really surprising ice cream. Get ready to enjoy the taste of popcorn, the irresistible caramel and the touch of blond chocolate. Let’s dive into this culinary adventure!

The stabilised porcorn ice-cream

First of all, to achieve a creamy and smooth popcorn ice cream, we use the product Procrema 100 hot/cold Natur. This special ingredient acts as a stabiliser, helping to maintain the perfect texture of the ice cream. Thanks to Procrema 100 hot/cold Natur, every scoop of popcorn ice cream will be like enjoying a movie in your mouth. The softness and authentic taste of popcorn merge in this delicious creation.

The irresistible blonde chocolate foam with Proespuma Cold

As the second element in our recipe, we add an amazing blonde chocolate foam. To achieve that light and foamy texture, we use Proespuma Cold: in a siphon. This product is key to obtaining a consistent and stable foam, which will stay as long as necessary as a bed for the ice cream. The combination of flavours between the blonde chocolate foam and the popcorn ice cream will create a multi-sensory experience that will delight chocolate lovers.

The finishing touch: tempting caramel

Last but not least, the caramel. A sweet and tempting touch that will envelop every bite of this ice cream. The caramel brings that perfect contrast of flavour that complements both the popcorn and the blonde chocolate.

The Cinema Ice Cream: Popcorn, Caramel & Blonde Chocolate is a culinary creation that combines the classic flavours of a movie night in one scoop. Thanks to the Procrema 100 hot/cold Natur stabiliser, the siphon technique with Proespuma Cold and the tempting caramel, we managed to elevate this recipe to another level. Feel free to experiment in your own kitchen and surprise your guests with this delicious ice cream full of textures and flavours.

Get ready to live a unique gastronomic experience and enjoy a real festival of flavours!

Popcorn Ice-cream

Cinema Ice-cream: Caramel and Blond Chocolate Popcorn

With three different preparations and a few special ingredients, we managed to create a truly amazing popcorn and caramel ice-cream.


Caramel and Blond Chocolate Popcorn

  • 50 g Popcorn ice-cream
  • 20 g Caramel insert
  • 15 g White chocolate foam
  • 2 g Porcorns
  • 2 g Fried corn

Popcorn ice-cream

  • 800 g Milk
  • 200 g 35% Cream
  • 150 g Porcorns
  • 40 g Fried corn powder
  • 50 g Dextrose Sosa
  • 150 g Sugar
  • 10 g Glicerine Sosa
  • 90 g Procrema 100 Cold/Hot Natur Sosa

Caramel insert

  • 317 g Trehalose Sosa
  • 350 g Liquid glucose (1)
  • 667 g Cream 35%
  • 167 g Milk (1)
  • 167 g Liquid glucose (2)
  • 5 g Tahiti Vanilla
  • 7 g Salt
  • 233 g Unsalted butter 82%
  • 37 g Milk (2)

Blond chocolate foam

  • 166 g Whole milx
  • 66 g Blond chocolate couverture Dulcey Valrhona
  • 16 g Proespuma cold Sosa


  • 1 Siphon with two loads


Popcorn ice-cream

  • Infuse the popcorn and Fried corn powder in the milk and cream for 30 minutes at 45º.Blend and strain.
    2 g Porcorns, 200 g 35% Cream, 40 g Fried corn powder, 800 g Milk
  • Mix this base with the rest of the ingredients and leave to mature for 6 hours in the fridge. Turbinate and store at -15º.
    50 g Dextrose, 150 g Sugar, 10 g Glicerine, 90 g Procrema 100 Cold/Hot Natur

Caramel insert

  • Heat up the cream, milk, glucose (2), vanilla and salt to 90 ºC.
    667 g Cream 35%, 167 g Milk (1), 167 g Liquid glucose (2), 5 g Tahiti Vanilla, 7 g Salt
  • Cook the Trehalose and the Glucose (1) to 185 ºC.
    317 g Trehalose, 350 g Liquid glucose (1)
  • Add the hot cream elaboration to the Trehalose and keep whisking. Keep cooking until 105ºC. Take it out and cool down to 70 ºC.
  • Add the butter and set in the fridge. Once it's cold take 300 g of the caramel and blend with 37 g of milk.
    233 g Unsalted butter 82%, 37 g Milk (2)
  • Put the mixin a 14 cm ring and freeze.

Blond chocolate foam

  • Boil the milk and pour over the chocolate, mix.
    166 g Whole milx, 66 g Blond chocolate couverture
  • Add the Proespuma and mix. Leave in fridge until cold.
    16 g Proespuma cold
  • Pour in asiphon gun whith 2 loads.

Assembly Caramel and Blond Chocolate Popcorn

  • Form a ball of foam in the center of the dish. Slightly hollow it out with the back of aspoon.
    15 g White chocolate foam
  • Place a quenelle of ice cream in the hollow.
    50 g Popcorn ice-cream
  • Decorate with caramel and fried corn and popcorn chips.
    20 g Caramel insert, 2 g Fried corn, 2 g Porcorns
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