Premium Vanilla Ice Cream


Get ready to enjoy an ice cream delight like no other! This time, we want to share with you a special Premium Vanilla Ice Cream recipe, elevated to the max thanks to the wonderful natural vanilla extract from the renowned brand Norohy. Get ready to savour every spoonful full of aroma and flavour.

But that’s not all, we want to make sure this ice cream is perfectly creamy and stable. To do this, we have used a key ingredient: the Procrema 100 Hot/Cold Natur, developed by our company, Sosa. This product is a carefully designed blend of stabilisers, thickeners, proteins, fibres and sugars of natural origin. What does this mean? That you get a smooth, creamy ice cream without unwanted ice crystals. In addition, Procrema 100 Hot/Cold Natur has the ability to stabilise both hot and cold ice cream, giving you versatility and consistent results.

This vanilla ice cream is not only delicious on its own, but is also the perfect match for sweet and savoury dessert dishes. Imagine topping a homemade cake with a generous scoop of this ice cream or accompanying a delicious fruit tart with its smooth, creamy taste – the possibilities are endless!

Get ready to experience an explosion of flavour with our Premium Vanilla Ice Cream, using Norohy’s natural vanilla extract and stabilised with Sosa’s wonderful Procrema 100 Hot/Cold Natur. We assure you that this recipe will leave you wanting more, so give it a try!

Premium Vanilla Ice Cream

Premium Vanilla Ice Cream

Discover the exquisite Premium Vanilla Ice Cream taken to another level with Norohy's natural vanilla extract and Sosa's innovative Procrema 100 Hot/Cold Natur stabiliser. This ice cream offers an intense and authentic experience thanks to the concentrated flavour and aroma of the vanilla extract. This recipe is not only perfect on its own, but also complements sweet and savoury dishes beautifully.


  • 1230 g Milk
  • 305 g Cream 85%
  • 75 g Dextrose powder Sosa
  • 150 g Procrema 100 Cold / Hot Natur Sosa
  • 230 g Sugar
  • 15 g Natural vanilla extract Norohy
  • 15 g Glycerine Sosa


  • Mix liquids and solids with a blender.
    1230 g Milk, 305 g Cream 85%, 75 g Dextrose powder, 150 g Procrema 100 Cold / Hot Natur, 230 g Sugar, 15 g Natural vanilla extract, 15 g Glycerine
  • Allow the base to mature for at least 5 hours.
  • Put in the ice cream machine.
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