Marshmallow Easter: less sugar, more flavour


We are excited to share with you an innovative and delicious recipe for this upcoming Easter season. Who said Easter eggs always had to be covered in chocolate? Let’s put a twist on traditions with an Easter Egg without chocolate in its coating, but just as delicious and festive!

Have you ever tasted a Marshmallow that makes you gasp with pleasure, but leaves you feeling guilty about its high sugar content? Well, it’s time to change that! Our chef Jean Sivieude has designed a marshmallow recipe that reduces the sugar levels without sacrificing any of the taste and texture we love so much.

As the main focus of our elaborations, we have developed a Marshmallow recipe, which thanks to the incorporation of technical ingredients we have been able to reduce sugars and enhance the flavour. Thanks to Albuwhip, we have been able to incorporate fruit purées in the preparation of these soft and spongy sweets, enhancing their flavour and texture.

In addition, the use of trehalose allows us to balance the solids without resorting to excess sugar, producing marshmallows that are less sweet, but just as delicious.

But what’s inside this beautiful Easter egg? A delicious caramel filling that will make you want more and more! Using the same Trehalose and liquid glucose, we’ve created a delicious candy that melts in your mouth with every bite – and best of all, we’ve enhanced the flavour by using natural fruit pastes!

This allows us to create a Marshmallow and Caramel Filling that are pure explosion of flavour, without being overwhelmed by the traditional sweet.

Without chocolate couverture

For the couverture we have chosen the freeze-dried powder range, which gives us the opportunity to add flavour and colour in a natural way. We incorporate Maltosec as a bulking agent to absorb the moisture from the Marshmallow to give an extra dimension of freshness and liveliness to our Easter eggs.

To complete our experience, we offer three flavour proposals for our Easter eggs. From the fruity intensity of raspberry to the exotic passion fruit and the richness of cocoa, these options invite us to explore a variety of tastes and sensations in our creations.

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