Gracila Gel: recipe book


As an impulse for modern and responsible gastronomy, we celebrate the launch of Gracila Gel as a bold step into the future of modern cuisine and a source of emotions..

Gracila Gel offers additive-free gelling and a wider range of textures thanks to its slow gelling.

More than an ingredient, Gracila Gel is an expression of our constant dedication to innovation.

In this dossier you will find the proposals and tips from our chefs. 16 recipes based on the 4 main applications of Gracila Gel: jellies, gels, flans and curds and finally compotes.

Since the beginning of this project, we have worked closely with Disfrutar, recognising gelation as a fundamental technique in their cuisine. At the end of this dossier you can get a recipe from Disfrutar, a real gastronomic jewel designed to boost your creativity in the kitchen.

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