Blackcurrant Terrine


Discover the balance of blackcurrant sorbet in the recipe: Blackcurrant Terrine, introduced in the new Profiber Stab 5 mini recipe booklet. This innovative product enhances the texture and consistency of the delicious sorbet, while the Adamance puree brings a fruity taste that will delight your palate with energetic, intense and refreshing notes. In addition, to garnish the presentation and add a crunchy touch to the recipe, we would like to highlight the integration of Yopols as a topping, a product from our Wet Proof Crispies range that provides a crunchy texture that contrasts perfectly with the softness of the terrine.

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Blackcurrant Terrine

A blackcurrant terrine including a blackcurrant sorbet stabilised with Profiber Stab 5 and a selection of one of Adamance's best fruit purées.


Blackcurrant sorbet (for 1 kg)

  • 225 g Water
  • 120 g Sugar Sosa Ingredients
  • 60 g Glucose powder 33 DE Sosa Ingredients
  • 40 g Dextrose powder Sosa Ingredients
  • 5 g Profiber Stab 5 Sosa Ingredients
  • 550 g Blackcurrant purée Adamance

Yoghurt marshmallow

  • 90 g Water (1)
  • 20 g Albuwhip Sosa Ingredients
  • 450 g Sugar Sosa Ingredients
  • 100 g Liquid glucose Sosa Ingredients
  • 200 g Water (2)
  • 100 g Yopols Sosa Ingredients
  • 120 g Gelatine mass


Blackcurrant sorbet

  • Mix the liquids and heat to 30 ºC.
    225 g Water
  • Add the previously mixed solids and pasteurize.
    120 g Sugar, 60 g Glucose powder 33 DE, 40 g Dextrose powder, 5 g Profiber Stab 5
  • When the mixture is cold, add the purée and blend.
    550 g Blackcurrant purée
  • Chill for 12 hours and churn.

Yoghurt marshmallow

  • Mix the water (1) with the Albuwhip and blend for one minute.
    90 g Water (1), 20 g Albuwhip
  • Whip to stiff peaks.
  • In a pan, mix the sugar, glucose and water (2) and heat to 130 ºC. Add the gelatine mass and mix well.
    450 g Sugar, 200 g Water (2), 120 g Gelatine mass
  • Pour the syrup slowly into the meringue and continue to whip until it reaches 50 ºC. Continue for 30 seconds more and then pour the mixture into a greased cooking form.
    100 g Liquid glucose
  • Sprinkle Yopols on top of the marshmallow to stop it from becoming moist.
    100 g Yopols
  • Leave to rest for 48 hours out of the fridge.
  • Cut into the desired shape and coat in Yopols.
    100 g Yopols
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