Black Russian


Cocktail and coffee lovers, this is the recipe you’ve been waiting for! Today on our recipe blog, we present to you the fascinating Black Russian cocktail. With an intriguing origin and an unrivalled flavour, this mix will captivate all palates looking for an intense, coffee-filled experience.

And to add a special touch to this classic drink, we’ve used Proespuma Cold. Join us as we explore the history behind this iconic cocktail and how Proespuma Cold gives it a unique texture.

Origins of the Black Russian cocktail:

The Black Russian is a legendary cocktail that has delighted spirits lovers for decades. Its creation dates back to the 1940s in Brussels, Belgium. It was bartender Gustave Tops who brought this irresistible combination of vodka and coffee liqueur to life.

The cocktail was originally created to satisfy the tastes of the American ambassador to Luxembourg, who had a predilection for vodka and coffee. Its name was inspired by the Cold War, when the term “Black Russian” was used to refer to people and objects associated with the Soviet Union. Black Russian became a symbol of sophistication and elegance, and its popularity quickly spread worldwide.

Proespuma Cold: The key to a perfect texture:

To give a touch of innovation and improve the texture of the Black Russian cocktail, we have used the product Proespuma Cold. This product is the secret of chefs and bartenders to obtain preparations with a smooth and creamy texture.

The Proespuma Cold is very easy to use, as it dissolves when cold. You simply need a siphon and add the right amount of Proespuma to the liquid or semi-liquid you want to mix. In the case of the Black Russian cocktail, the Proespuma Cold provides that velvety consistency that enhances the tasting experience.

Not only is it versatile, but Proespuma Cold can be used in a wide range of liquid or semi-liquid cold preparations. From cocktails to frothy soups and creative desserts, this product is perfectly suited to your culinary needs.

Dare to try it and let yourself be seduced by the charm of Black Russian!

Cóctel Black Russian

Black Russian

If you are someone who enjoys a good coffee, the Black Russian cocktail is perfect for you. Its combination of vodka and coffee liqueur creates a unique synergy of flavours. The Proespuma provides that smooth texture that blends with the intense character of the coffee, making every sip a delight for the palate.


  • 100 g Vodka
  • 75 g Coffee liqueur
  • 50 g Sirop TPT
  • 150 g Water
  • 100 g Expresso coffee
  • 20 g Proespuma Cold


  • Mix all the ingredients and blend well for a minute.
    100 g Vodka, 75 g Coffee liqueur, 50 g Sirop TPT, 150 g Water, 100 g Expresso coffee, 20 g Proespuma Cold
  • Pour in a siphone gun and charge with two gas canisters.
  • Reserve at 4ºC.
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