Non-Latte Chai Tea


This new interpretation of chai tea, created in collaboration between Sosa Ingredients and Martin Lippo, offers a fresh take on this classic drink. Originating in India, chai combines tea with a variety of aromatic spices. Although in Hindi “chai” simply means “tea”, in the occidental world it has been adopted to specifically designate this delicious infusion.

In this “Non-latte Chai” brew, the milk has been replaced by almond drink, which combines perfectly with the various spices. We have incorporated Naturfoam: 100% plant-based foaming agent for flavoured drinks. You can find out more about its characteristics and advantages of use in the following post: Flavoured drinks experience with Naturfoam: the natural foam agent

Also, if you want to download more recipes for foamy drinks with Naturfoam you can do so here:

Bebida Chai no latte elaborado con Naturfoam

Non-latte Chai Tea

A comforting, warm drink with a spicy flavour. In this recipe, we replace the milk with an almond drink that fits in beautifully with the different spices. Make your own blends of spices and endless different flavours can be achieved. Can be drunk hot or cold.


Almond drink

  • 500 g Mineral water
  • 50 g Raw peeled almonds
  • 45 g Honey
  • 0,6 g Powdered cinnamon
  • 0,2 g Powdered allspice
  • 0,15 g Cardamom seeds
  • 0,2 g Powdered ginger
  • 3 g Earl Grey tea

Non-latte chai mix

  • 500 g Almond drink
  • 1 g Naturfoam Sosa Ingredients


  • 1 ProfiWhip Plus siphon
  • 1 Isi professional charger cartridge for foams (N2O)


Almond drink

  • Put all the ingredients in a blender jug.
    500 g Mineral water, 50 g Raw peeled almonds, 45 g Honey, 0,6 g Powdered cinnamon, 0,2 g Powdered allspice, 0,15 g Cardamom seeds, 0,2 g Powdered ginger, 3 g Earl Grey tea
  • Blend at maximum speed for exactly 3 minutes.
  • Sieve using coffee filter paper

Non-latte chai mix

  • Add the Naturfoam to the almond drink.
    1 g Naturfoam, 500 g Almond drink
  • Mix in a blender.
  • Pour the mix into a half-litre soda siphon.
  • Charge with a cartridge of N2O.
  • Shake well.
  • Keep in a bain-marie at 50 ºC until ready for use.
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