Our exclusive Cold Confit® process


To preserve the natural flavour of the fruit, we use a low-pressure cold candying system to make our candied products. With this technological process, we guarantee top-quality products with just the right amount of sugar, preserving all the fruit’s organoleptic properties and enhancing the flavour.

The Cold Confit® process step by step

  1. Fruit cut and frozen.
  2. Cooked in water at 90 °C.
  3. Removal of the water.
  4. Addition of syrup at 80° C
  5. 15-minute application of a vacuum* to the fruit when it is in the syrup. At this point in the process, the temperature is 75º C.
  6. Left to rest at room temperature in the same syrup. At this point, the temperature has dropped to 60º C.
  7. Removal of the fruit from the syrup
  8. Hand packaging of the fruit. The cut fruit is neatly arranged to maintain its quality and shape.
  9. Automated vacuum-sealing of the trays, with a nitrogen flush to avoid the oxidation of the fruit. The fruit’s contact with the air is eliminated.

This vacuum leads to a process of osmosis so that just the right amount of sugar is absorbed by the fruit. In this way, its freshness and soft texture are preserved.

By reducing the days that the candying process takes, the fruit is not over-heated, guaranteeing a fresher taste than fruit candied with conventional techniques.

Nuevo packaging: more resistant sustainable trays

  • Polypropylene injection-moulded trays with a high thermal and impact resistance.
  • So that products can be served in optimum conditions with no damage.
  • Capacity of 3 L.
  • 100% recyclable material.
  • Suitable for dishwashers and microwaves.
  • Freeze resistant.
  • Re-usable: Can be re-used to store food products.
  • Standard Gastronorm dimensions.

Cold Confit® candied fruit

With the Cold Confit® system, the candied fruit maintains more of its original flavour (less sweet), a brighter colour, and a better aroma in comparison with conventional techniques. This guarantees products with improved organoleptic characteristics.

  • FLAVOUR: Fruitier.
  • TEXTURE: Al dente, a more refined, fresher texture.
  • COLOUR: Richer, brighter and more transparent.
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