Our Christmas Recipes


Christmas is fast approaching and, once again, we are embracing the opportunity to celebrate the simple pleasures of getting together and sharing special times with our loved ones, whether they be family or close friends.

In keeping with our annual tradition, our Sosa Ingredients technicians have designed a series of exclusive and delicious recipes which are packed with festive spirit for the catering and confectionery industries.

Our chefs suggest the highest quality ingredients — those with stories to tell and which have been tested in the sweetest, most sophisticated culinary settings — within this compendium of recipes specially prepared for you.

This year, our chefs have had the chance to think back to and draw inspiration from Catalan traditions and ingredients. We mustn’t forget that Catalonia is a region with a rich culinary history and a fundamental part of Sosa Ingredients’ roots.

We couldn’t be without desserts this season, so we have invited chef Carles Mampel to share his version of Panettone with us. Its base is made from the famous crema catalana.

If you are looking for inspiration for your Christmas main courses and desserts, here are five exquisite ideas that will allow you to create exceptional and delightfully sweet dishes that will undoubtedly add an extra dose of joy to the celebrations.

Panettone de Crema Catalana por Carles Mampel
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