Flavoured drinks experience with Naturfoam: the natural foam agent


In the fascinating world of fine gastronomy, innovation and quality are essential elements that elevate every culinary experience. In our constant pursuit to offer products of excellence, we are pleased to announce the re-launch of Naturfoam, our enhanced premium foaming agent, made with Quilaya extract.

Discover how this innovative formula transforms the way we enjoy flavoured drinks, whether carbonated or non-carbonated.

What are flavoured drinks?

Flavoured drinks range from carbonated and non-carbonated beverages to concentrates such as fruit syrups. NaturFoam integrates harmoniously into various preparations. This premium foamer is the perfect choice for beverages based on water, dairy, cereals, seeds, nuts, vegetables or fruits, including so-called sports, energy or electrolyte drinks that may contain ferments.

The art of foaming: method and utensils

NaturFoam offers versatility in foam generation, allowing chefs and bartenders to experiment with a wide range of preparations. Whether using a soda siphon, a whipped cream siphon, manual or electric agitation, or even a food grade air pump, this foamer adapts to the preferences and needs of every professional.

  • Soda siphon: Simply introduce the liquid mixture, shake and serve, obtaining a perfect foam.
  • Whipped cream siphon: Ideal for hot or cold liquids, it guarantees a smooth and creamy texture with a simple nitrous oxide charge.
  • Strong agitation: With a manual or electric whisk, it achieves exquisite foam in any liquid preparation.
  • Air pump: A practical option that delivers exceptional results, perfect for situations that require a higher volume of foam.

Advantages of Naturfoam

  • Naturally foaming: The essence of NaturFoam comes from Quilaya extract, providing an authentic and natural experience.
  • Temperature versatility: It can be used in both hot and cold beverages, expanding the creative possibilities.
  • Compatibility with acidic liquids: NaturFoam maintains its quality and texture in the presence of acidic liquids, offering exceptional performance in any preparation.

Naturfoam is the key to elevating culinary creations to new heights, offering a unique experience with every sip. Discover how this premium, naturally sourced foam redefines the art of foaming in fine gastronomy.

Experience innovation in every bubble with Naturfoam.

Raspberry and Lychee Foam Soda

Recipe by Martín Lippo, an international consultant for companies worldwide, currently heads a ground-breaking laboratory and training centre in experimental cuisine, Escuela Vakuum. A specialist in new culinary techniques and technologies, in recent years, Lippo has managed to turn the spotlight on his courses for their trailblazing training, particularly in liquid nitrogen, foams and texturizing.


  • 500 g Mineral water
  • 50 g Raspberry puree Adamance
  • 70 g Lychee puree
  • 20 g Sugar
  • 2 g Naturfoam Sosa Ingredients


  • 1 Siphon
  • 1 Charge of CO2


  • Put all the ingredients in a blender jug. Blend them all together.
    500 g Mineral water, 50 g Raspberry puree, 70 g Lychee puree, 20 g Sugar, 2 g Naturfoam
  • Use coffee filter paper to sieve the mix.
  • Pour it into a soda siphon.
  • Charge with a cartridge of CO2. Shake well.
  • Place in a reverse bain-marie or in the fridge at 4 ºC for 2 hours prior to use.
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