SOSA Selected Products 2023


High gastronomy is a world in constant evolution, where new trends and market demands set the pace for innovation. At SOSA Ingredients we are committed to creating high quality products that respond to these demands, and to encouraging a global community of chefs and pastry-makers who share our vision of modern, sustainable gastronomy.

This year we have carefully selected 25 key products that respond to current market needs and bring new textures, intense flavours, and better preservation to our customers’ preparations.

This dossier is an essential resource for those who want to be at the forefront of the gastronomic sector and who wish to get started in the technical knowledge of our product ranges.

With the downloadable Booklet “SOSA Selected Products 2023” that we offer, you will have at your disposal a valuable tool to improve your culinary techniques and create unique and surprising dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this selection of high-quality products that will make your recipes stand out for their unique taste and texture.

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