Sosa Ingredients: Ingredients to reimagine gastronomy


In the fast-changing culinary world, where a capacity to innovate and adapt is fundamental, Sosa Ingredients has revamped its visual identity in a reflection of its ongoing commitment to evolutions in gastronomy. 

Sosa has over five decades of experience in the confectionary world. It first started operating in 1967, producing artisan biscuits and typically Catalan sweet food products for the Christmas season, like Neulas (cigar wafers). For the last 20 years, it has specialized in manufacturing ingredients for the international food sector. Sosa Ingredients stands out for its capacity to reinvent food preparation, anticipating trends and raising the yardstick in standards.

It was during the 2000s that Catalonia was catapulted as the epicentre of a gastronomic revolution, which changed forever the way of understanding cuisine; Sosa Ingredients was very present in this revolution, making available to chefs, the new ingredients that would transform culinary experiences.

Over the last 20 years, Sosa Ingredients has continued to offer ingredients for international gastronomy, where it has stood out for its ability to reinvent cuisine, anticipating trends and challenging established standards.

As part of its renewed approach, Sosa is currently presenting the company’s brand manifesto–its “how” and “why”–, together with a clear set of commitments that position it as a leader in the creation of inspiring, innovative, sustainable ingredients.

Manifesto: dare to challenge, create and reinvent

Sosa Ingredients’ manifesto encapsulates its unique philosophy: “In the culinary world, nothing is impossible. It’s just a question of being intrepid.” It is this bold spirit that drives the company to pick up the gauntlet and take on present gastronomic challenges, from new dietary habits to reductions in sugar and fat. Indeed, rather than regarding them as challenges, Sosa sees them as opportunities to innovate and create. Sosa Ingredients is proud of the role it has played in reinventing gastronomy for over 20 years, guided by change and with the support of leading chefs.

WHY: promoting an exciting, modern approach to gastronomy

Over twenty years ago, Catalonia and Spain became the epicentre of a culinary revolution that broke away from all the existing norms. Since then, Sosa Ingredients has played a key role in promoting that concept of gastronomy, providing chefs worldwide with the necessary ingredients to create a whole new series of textures and flavours.

SOSA swiftly forged a reputation as a leader in culinary innovations by constantly coming up with new ingredients. That is why top chefs have taken part in AULA SOSA, the company’s research and training lab, exploring the latest cutting-edge culinary techniques.

The gastronomic world is in a constant state of change, with the emergence of new challenges: how to offer healthier gastronomic delights; how to incorporate new dietary needs and preferences (vegetarian and gluten-free demands, and less sweet food products); and how to keep the thrill in gastronomy while still caring for the planet.

That is why Sosa Ingredients undertakes to keep coming up with solutions for today’s modern cuisine, seeking to kindle passion and excitement. For instance, Sosa Ingredients is working to develop plant-based clean-label texturizers, able to meet growing market demands.

Sosa Ingredients’ mission is clear: to promote a modern approach to gastronomy and to be a source of passion and excitement.

HOW: working hand in hand to create, democratize and innovate

Sosa Ingredients’ “how” is as essential as its “why”. Sosa undertakes to create hand in hand with the culinary community, making its ingredients and its innovative, inspirational, sustainable solutions widely accessible. Through collaboration and joint creative initiatives, Sosa not only aspires to meet the needs of chefs, but also to anticipate them, offering carefully tailored responses and solutions.

Clear commitments: Sosa Ingredients’ philosophy

Collaboration & co-creation

One of the main premises of Sosa Ingredients’ philosophy is its commitment to collaborate closely with the culinary community. In addition to identifying the needs of chefs and pastry cooks, it also embarks on joint projects, such as the innovative “Manual de uso Fibras” (Guide to the Use of Fibres), developed in collaboration with the well-known pastry champion Jordi Bordas.

The “Manual de uso Fibras” is one of the best illustrations of a joint creative initiative with Sosa Ingredients: a project that involved over a year’s joint research with the winner of the 2011 World Pastry Championship, Jordi Bordas.

In addition to its compendium of knowledge, the handbook also introduces a new product category: fibres. Through in-depth collaboration between Sosa and Bordas, innovative new products have been developed, such as Flaxfiber. These products not only meet the needs of today’s pastry chefs, but they also open up new creative possibilities.

The fibres that were developed as a result of this joint project represent an important step forward in Sosa Ingredients’ range of products. They are more than just ingredients: they are versatile tools that allow chefs to explore textures, flavours and unique ways of presenting their creations. This tangible example reflects Sosa’s commitment to push back the boundaries of products by continuing to evolve, with solutions that impact positively on culinary experiences.

A quality & comprehensive range

Sosa Ingredients’ extensive range of products offers genuine added creative culinary value, meeting a myriad of different needs. The company also undertakes to come up with new alternative clean-label products, plant-based ingredients, and products with far more flavour than standard ones.

New inroads are being made by Sosa Ingredients in 2024 with the launch of three innovative products that reflect this commitment.

Gracila Gel – a 100% plant-based gelling agent

Gracila Gel is Sosa Ingredients’ innovative response to those in search of clean-label solutions for their culinary creations. This new plant-based gelling agent, made with Alga Gracilaria, not only opens up new potential in textures and presentations, but it also stands out for its 100% plant origin. What is most remarkable about Gracila Gel is that it is not a conventional additive. Its label simply says “Powdered Alga Gracilaria”, reaffirming Sosa’s commitment to the transparency and purity of its products.

The relaunch of Sosa’s candied range with “Cold Confit”

Sosa Ingredients’ range of candied products has been relaunched, with special emphasis on the “Cold confit” process. With this method, candied fruit can be produced with a stronger flavour, more exquisite texture, and brighter colour. Sosa’s aim is not just to improve these products, but also to highlight the importance of the production methods that are used to ensure truly exceptional culinary results.

Profiber Stab 5 – A stabilizer with no synthetic emulsifiers

As part of its commitment to quality and innovation, Sosa Ingredients presents Profiber Stab 5, a stabilizer with no synthetic emulsifiers or additives. This product, made entirely of vegetable fiber, is perfect for those in search of more natural, sustainable solutions in today’s modern cuisine.

These three launches constitute major landmarks in Sosa Ingredients’ range of products for 2024, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to quality, innovation and adaptation to the culinary community’s changing needs. …so that each and every creation is a delicious mix of modernity, excitement and culinary excellence!

Enhanced access & understanding:

Sosa Ingredients is reinforcing its commitment to the democratization and understanding of its products by investing significant time and effort in the development of educational resources. For Sosa, accessibility and a good understanding are fundamental in helping chefs and pastry cooks to invent truly outstanding culinary experiences. In 2024, Sosa will be presenting a series of resources that demonstrate its educational mission and desire to foster a better understanding of its innovative ingredients.

Nuevos recursos:

One key example in 2024 is the launch of “The Essential Recipe Book for Modern Cuisine”.

This collection of recipes not only serves as a source of inspiration, but it also offers a solid base for understanding and using Sosa’s products in an effective way.

The recipe book, which is aimed specifically at the catering sector, is a practical guide for chefs at all levels so that no one is excluded from innovating in their culinary creations.

Sosa’s commitment to a better understanding of its products is also illustrated by a section after the recipes with a detailed explanation of certain key products. The “Manual de uso Fibras” (Guide to the Use of Fibres) offers a comprehensive insight into the applications of fibres, with useful information about their related textures, properties and possible combinations in cooking and pastry-making.

Sosa’s dossier “Indispensables de la Pastelería Vegetal” (Essentials in Vetable Pastry-Making) highlights its commitment to a better environmental awareness. As well as the products that Sosa supplies, through the detailed information that the dossier contains on sustainable products that are fundamental in pastry-making, the company aspires to foster a better understanding of the importance of the adoption of eco-friendlier practices by the food industry.

Support & inspiration:

In its mission to act as an ally and source of inspiration, Sosa Ingredients goes several steps further than just supplying ingredients. It is a genuine partner for chefs and pastry cooks, offering them resources and ongoing support so that they can perfect their culinary skills and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Sosa’s own chefs: Aula Sosa research & training lab

Sosa Ingredients has its own team of chefs. As well as being experts in the use of Sosa’s products, they are also available to give demonstrations at events and gastronomic fairs worldwide.

These chefs not only share their knowledge and techniques, but they also inspire the culinary community with their creativity and passion.

In 2023, over 3,500 people received training from our chefs in 15 different countries.

Furthermore, their availability to answer questions and enquiries reinforces Sosa’s commitment to contact with culinary professionals, offering customized guidance and resolving possible queries to optimize the culinary world’s experience of its products.

The town of Navarcles (Barcelona) is the home of AULA SOSA, where research activities are combined with a desire to continue transmitting technical knowledge to others.

Ongoing updates to the Recipe Library:

Sosa Ingredients’ recipe library is an endless source of guidance and inspiration. This constantly updated recipe bank contains detailed creative recipes for chefs to explore new possibilities and to hone their skills. Its recipes range from classic to ground-breaking ones, making the library an essential tool for those wishing to raise their culinary creativity to new levels.

Updates on the social networks: 

Instagram and YouTube are the social networks through which Sosa Ingredients has reached out to clients in recent years. In addition to their use as a visual showcase for culinary creations made with Sosa’s products, these interactive spaces offer an opportunity for the culinary community to seek inspiration, learn new techniques and take part in culinary conversations. Sosa’s active presence on the social networks demonstrates a desire for direct contact with its audience and a bid to offer them useful all-round information.

Sosa Ingredients spearheads new gastronomic changes, acting as a beacon thanks to its innovativeness, commitment and passion. The re-branding process is far more than a visual makeover. It is a clear declaration of Sosa’s values and goals. Through pioneering collaborative initiatives, ground-breaking product launches, detailed educational resources and an active commitment to the culinary community, Sosa demonstrates that it is not just an ingredients supplier: it is a devoted culinary ally. Sosa aims to transform the culinary world, helping chefs and pastry cooks to raise their creations to new heights, thanks to inspirational presentations throughout the world by the company’s chefs, its constantly evolving recipe library, and an active presence on the social networks.

With each exciting, forward-looking step it takes, Sosa Ingredients invites the culinary community to be intrepid, to create and to enjoy a future where a passion for good cuisine goes hand in hand with culinary excellence. …so that each and every dish is a genuine masterpiece and a symbol of the shared vision of Sosa and top chefs worldwide!

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