Sosa Home Gourmet: home cooking to the next level


As a world-leading manufacturer of premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry professionals, Sosa Ingredientes is now launching a retail range for the most exacting home cooks.

This selection of secret ingredients used by the world’s most demanding chefs is now available for passionate home cooks who want to make easy, delicious and creative food. A sweet or savory touch for all kinds of recipes for an intense natural flavour.

  • Clean Label: A key aspect of any clean label is a short list of ingredients, with a clear, easy-to-read declaration about natural origins. They are free from artificial ingredients – and incomprehensible wording.
  • A wide range of natural and vegan ingredients: Healthier alternatives and a selection of top-quality ingredients


  • LIQUID GLUCOSE: Special for your sweet preparations.

Dessert toppings that add an intense fruity flavour, a surprising crunchy texture or crackling sensation.

  • PETA CRISPY: Cooper Peta crispy. A popping mouthfeel which makes the perfect surprising decoration for desserts.
  • CRISPY: Raspberry crispy | Mango crispy | Cherry crispy. Crunchy fruit for an intense fruity flavor and crunchy texture.
  • CRISPY WETPROOF: Yogurt Crispy wetproof | Strawberry crispy wetproof | Fruit of the passion crispy wetproof | Raspberry crispy wetproof. Freezable dried fruit that stay crunchy in any dessert. For use in ice creams, chocolate mousse or chocolate bars.

Give flavour and colour to your recipes with this selection of concentrated pastas.

  • CONCENTRATED PASTAS: Orange | Strawberry | Raspberry | Forest Strawberry | Fruit of the passion | Lemon | Mango | Yuzu | Rose | Bourbon Vanilla: Concentrated pastes with 100% natural ingredients. Ideal for flavoring ice creams, creams and cakes.

Premium nuts in a variety of formats for unlimited creativity.

  • CANTONESE NUTS: Pecan nuts | Almond | Sesame seeds. Nuts caramelized using a traditional Cantonese technique. A strong, intense nutty flavour. Retain their texture in all types of liquids.
  • PRALICROC: Hazelnut pralicroc | Pistachio pralicroc. Crunchy and highly textured nut paste.
  • PASTE: Hazelnut | Pistachio. The perfect concentrated paste for pastry makers, for making sauces, ice creams and more. All the scent and flavor of nuts in a pure paste, with the highest possible nut content.

Plant- and fruit-based ground extract for use as a food coloring. 100% natural decoration.

  • YELLOW: Safflower and lemon.
  • BLUE: Pirulina and apple.
  • ORANGE: Paprika and wild carrot.
  • RED: Radish, apple and blackcurrant.
  • GREEN: Safflower and spirulina.
  • BLACK: Charcoal.

A texturing agent for desserts, creams and sauces.

  • AGAR AGAR: Agar agar is a seaweed extract that jellifies all kinds of liquids. It turns into a gelatin that can be served hot or cold. Suitable for vegan recipes.
  • GELBINDER: When combining and mixing ingredients, gelbinder acts as a binding agent, keeping burgers together so that they don’t break apart during cooking.
  • GELESPESSA: Instantly thickens hot or cold sauces.
  • GELHOT: Powdered gelatin which jellifies mousses and helps you make your own smooth gelatins.
  • YEAST: Baking dry yeast.
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