Tips to enhance the flavour in pastry


Flavour in pastry making is the key to keeping many customers coming back to the same product. Because getting a sweet that looks wonderful but does not have an intense and appetising flavour is pointless. How can we get more flavour in pastry making? In the following lines we will find out.

The best products to enhance the flavour of pastry making

There are many products that enhance the flavour of pastry making. However, broadly speaking, we can classify them into two categories: ingredients and texturisers. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Products for flavouring meringues

We can replace the water in the egg white with flavour by using fruit pulp or flavoured liquids, including Albuwhip or Potatowhip.

Albuwhip is egg albumin powder. A protein that allows us to whip any aqueous liquid in a stable way, replacing the water in the egg white with flavour and thus multiplying the flavour of our pastry preparations by a factor of 10.

In the following demonstration How to substitute egg white water for flavour? we develop several recipes where we apply the Albuwhip in meringue, sponge cake, mousse and macaron.

Natur Emul

We can replace the flavour of egg yolk in preparations where this flavour is not of interest, for example: in a fruit mousse. How? By replacing the emulsifying capacity of the egg yolk with a natural emulsifier such as Natur Emul.

Inulin and fruit puree

We can also substitute fats such as butter, cream or egg yolk in recipes where we want to enhance other flavours such as fruit flavours. In this case, inulin is a great ally to provide a creamy mouthfeel sensation and thus enhance the flavours. Inulin is a fructan, present in tubers and roots.

Concentrated pastes

Sosa’s concentrated pastes of natural origin not only add flavour but also colour. They are particularly suitable for ice cream, mousse, icing or cream. Among them, Sosa’s natural yuzu paste, a citrus fruit native to East Asia, stands out.

Liquid flavourings

Sosa’s liquid flavourings are used when we want to enhance the flavour without modifying the colour or texture. They can enhance the flavour or add different aromatic notes to preparations such as ice creams, mousses, sauces and drinks. See all the options: FLAVOURINGS

Taste Colour

Taste Colour is a range of flavours extracted by different processes such as freeze-drying. Being 100% natural, you can add flavour and colour, but without adding water to the recipe.

For example, to add flavour and colour to chocolates, where we cannot do so by adding liquids such as fruit purées.

Among other preparations we find: creams, ganaches and meringues.

Food Colour

Within this categorisation we have natural colouring powders. This selection of natural colouring agents have been extracted from fruit and vegetable juices and subjected to a process of concentration, evaporation and filtration. They are considered ingredients, not additives and have no dosage limitation.

In the following demonstration How to colour with clean label colourants? we have developed four recipes: glazes, dry and crunchy doughs, fresh pasta and creams.

Nut and seed pastes

Nut pastes with no added sugars are used in preparations where we want to add nut flavour in an easy way, avoiding the step of processing the nuts. They are ideal for adding flavour to creams, ice creams and ganaches.

How to apply nut pastes? is the demonstration developed by Sosa’s technicians where they explain four recipes where pasta with nuts and dried fruits are the protagonists.

In conclusion, with these products we will be able to enhance the flavour in pastry making and obtain unique sweets on the market that will delight the most gourmet palates.

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