Squid Fossil


On this occasion, we are pleased to share a delicious recipe created by the talented Chef Martin Lippo, an outstanding collaborator of Sosa Ingredients. We enthusiastically present the “Squid Fossil” a fascinating gastronomic experience to see but above all to taste… A fusion of squid with the innovation of modern cuisine.

Procrunx – Wheat dextrin for crispy tempuras

In this recipe, Chef Lippo has incorporated Sosa Ingredients’ innovative Procrunx, a wheat dextrin designed for exceptionally crispy tempura. This special blend adds a unique texture and retains its irresistible crunch even after frying. Choosing quality ingredients is essential to bring out the flavour of squid, and Procrunx fulfils this role perfectly.

Squid Fossil

The heart of this gastronomic creation is the delicate squid, carefully selected to guarantee freshness and authentic taste.


  • 115 g Water
  • 85 g Glutinous rice flour
  • 3 g Fine salt
  • 10 g Procrunx  Sosa Ingredients
  • 1 g Madras curry
  • Clean baby squid 


  • 1 Slimmer: Mechanical pressure iron 100% Chef


  • Place the water, glutinous rice flour, salt, Procrunx and curry in a jug. Mix using a hand blender.
    115 g Water, 85 g Glutinous rice flour, 3 g Fine salt, 10 g Procrunx , 1 g Madras curry
  • Heat the Slimmer to 160ºC on both plates. 
  • Place a sheet of Teflon on the bottom plate. Make a circle of the liquid dough on the Teflon.
  • Place a squid in the center of the dough.  Place another sheet of Teflon on top.  Close the Slimmer. 
  • Cook for 2 minutes. Open and serve immediately. 
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