Potatowhip Cold: a new plant-based protein alternative


In the pursuit of further expanding our offer in 100% plant-based ingredients and diversifying the different ways of making healthier pastries, while respecting the intensity of flavours and textures. At Sosa Ingredients, we are excited to introduce our latest novelty in premium ingredients: Potatowhip Cold.

¿What is Potatowhip Cold?

Potatowhip Cold is the latest ingredient member of our category of texturisers and whipping agents.

Potatowhip Cold is 100% potato protein powder, which can be used to replace egg white in whipping preparations.

It replaces the foaming and emulsifying function of egg white in preparations such as meringues, mousses and emulsions. The higher the dosage, the higher the aerating and emulsifying capacity.


  • Egg white substitute in cold preparations: Perfect for recipes that do not require cooking, such as meringues, mousses and egg-free mayonnaises.
  • Neutral color and flavour: Allows you to intensify flavours in preparations and achieve purer colours.
  • Liquid whipping: You can whip liquids such as fruit purees and infusions, which results in a more pronounced flavour.
  • Emulsifying and aerating capacity: Improves texture, stability and mouthfeel.

Here is a basic recipe for passion fruit meringue in which we have used Potatowhip Cold as a vegetable alternative to egg white.

Passion Fruit Meringue

Keyword Vegan, Vegetarian


  • 180 g Sugar
  • 224 g Passion fruit puree Adamance
  • 18 g Potatowhip Cold Sosa


  • Mix the Potatowhip Cold with the passion fruit puree.
    18 g Potatowhip Cold, 224 g Passion fruit puree
  • In the process of half whipping add the sugar in 3 times.
    180 g Sugar

Why replace the egg white?

Egg white has been and is a fundamental part of pastry making in general; however, at Sosa Ingredientes we believe that vegetable pastry making should opt for alternative flavours to this ingredient. This will give us the opportunity to uncover purer, more intense flavours in preparations in which eggs are traditionally used.

To find out more about the vegetable alternatives we offer to the different ingredients, you can read the following post: Plant-based pastry-making indispensables.

In order to substitute egg white, it is important to understand its composition and functions:

Composition and functions of the egg:

Eggs have two fundamental components: the white and the yolk, each with important technical functions in recipes. Let’s analyse their composition and look for vegetable alternatives:

  • Coagulation: Egg white contains proteins that coagulate at temperatures between 60 and 65°C.
  • Emulsion: It contains lecithin, a natural emulsifier.
  • Fat content: The yolk contains around 12% fat.
  • Aeration: It provides air thanks to its albumin (a protein) content.

How is egg white composed and what technical functions does it provide?

Egg white fulfils the technical function of aerating, coagulating and emulsifying. It also contains a large amount of water.

At Sosa Ingredients we propose two ways of substituting egg white, one with a coagulating effect, which is our Potatowhip 8%. Ideal for sponge cakes or soufflés.

And the new Potatowhip Cold without coagulant effect for elaborations such as:

  • Raw meringue.
  • Mousse.
  • Cold sauces.

Instructions for use:

  • To foam: mix cold in a liquid base (fruit or vegetable pulps, smoothies and infusions) and apply agitation, adding air to the mixture. To achieve a uniform and stable assembly, it is advisable to do it with an automatic rod assembly machine. If the liquid contains fat, the foaming effect is lost.
  • To emulsify: disperse the Potatowhip Cold in a liquid base and add the fat part. Apply strong agitation until the correct emulsion is achieved.

The Difference is in the Taste

The main difference between Potatowhip Cold and Potatowhip is its taste.

Potatowhip Cold stands out because it does not introduce flavour/taste to the preparations, allowing pure flavours and colours to be incorporated into the recipes.

The following table allows us to compare the performance of each product according to the different applications:

PotatowhipPotatowhip Cold
DOSAGE g/l10 – 1810 – 50
Fresh meringue (French)MediumOptimum
Raw meringue (Italian)OptimumMedium
Custard and clotted productsOptimumLow
Product performance table

At Sosa Ingredients, we believe in innovation and offering chefs and cooking lovers high-quality ingredients that allow them to explore new possibilities. Potatowhip Cold is the latest example of our commitment to culinary excellence.

Dare to try it and take your culinary creations to the next level!

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