Pickling Foam


Pickling is a culinary technique used to preserve food, especially fish, seafood, poultry or vegetables. This technique involves marinating food in a mixture of vinegar, oil, herbs, spices and other flavourings, which not only helps to preserve the food, but also gives it a distinctive and often quite delicious flavour.

Once the pickle mixture of your choice is ready and you have had time to marinate, we will use the Proespuma Hot texturiser to create a light and airy foam. This texturiser is ideal for hot foams and dissolves easily into the liquid or semi-liquid preparation we have created with the pickle. Its stabilising properties will help to maintain the consistency of the foam while assembling and serving.

After having dissolved the Proespuma Hot texturiser in the pickle preparation, the next step would be to load the mixture into a two-charge siphon. This involves pouring the pickle preparation into the siphon, making sure it is tightly closed and then loading the siphon with two gas cartridges, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The gas loads are essential to create the necessary pressure inside the siphon that will allow the foam to be formed.

Finally, simply dispense the pickle foam onto the desired dish or container, adding a unique presentation and a soft, airy texture to the traditional pickle recipe.

Pickle foam

Pickle foam is a modern variation on the classic escabeche technique, using Proespuma Hot texturiser to create a light and airy foam that adds an extra dimension of flavour and texture to this dish.


  • 750 g Pickle
  • 250 g Mussels water
  • 100 g Proespuma Hot Sosa Ingredients


  • 1 Siphone
  • 2 Loads


  • Mix all the ingredients and blend well.
    750 g Pickle, 100 g Proespuma Hot, 250 g Mussels water
  • Fill the siphone and charge with two loads.
  • Reserve.
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