Peanut Curry Cone


A peanut curry cone is a dessert that combines the unique flavours of peanut and curry in a unique and delicious way.

We have made a peanut and curry semi-sorbet: a combination of flavours that surprises many, but once you try it, you can’t stop eating it!

In this recipe, we have used Roasted Peanut Paste as the main base for the semi-sorbet, while mandra curry adds a touch of spice and flavour. To help maintain the creamy texture and prevent the sorbet from crystallizing, we used our Procrema 100 Natur hot/cold Natur stabilizer.

For the curry coating, we have added Valrhona cocoa butter to give it a smooth and silky texture, while the mandra curry adds a spicy and smoky flavour that combines perfectly with the peanut flavour of the sorbet.

It is important to mention that this recipe is totally vegan, which makes it an ideal option for those who prefer options without animal ingredients. The peanut curry semi sorbet does not contain milk or other dairy products, and all the ingredients used are natural based. This is a delicious and healthy option for those who want to enjoy a sweet dessert without having to worry about the ingredients it contains.

So don’t hesitate to try this peanut curry cone and enjoy a delicious vegan dessert option!

Peanut and curry cone

Peanut and curry cone

This peanut curry cone has its secret in the elaboration of a roasted peanut semi sorbet with a pussy coated in a curry bath!
It's a totally vegan recipe, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer options without animal-based ingredients.
It's an ice cream you definitely shouldn't miss!
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Peanut and curry cone

  • 100 g Peanut semisorbet
  • 5 g Curry bath
  • 10 g Ice cream waffer
  • 2 g Grated coconut Sosa
  • 5 g Cantonese peanuts Sosa

Peanut semisorbet

  • 625 g Water
  • 80 g Sugar
  • 50 g Dextrose Sosa
  • 100 g Procrema100 Cold/Hot Natur Sosa
  • 20 g Liquid glicerin Sosa
  • 375 g Toasted Peanut Paste Sosa
  • 3 g Salt

Curry coating

  • 500 g Cocoa butter Valrhona
  • 50 g Sunflower oil
  • 50 g Madras curry
  • 200 g Sugar


  • 1 Conchadora Twin Stones 100% Chef


Peanut semisorbet

  • Mix all the ingredients together in cold and let the mix set in the fridge for about 6hours.
    625 g Water, 80 g Sugar, 50 g Dextrose, 100 g Procrema100 Cold/Hot Natur, 375 g Toasted Peanut Paste, 3 g Salt, 20 g Liquid glicerin
  • Use an icecream machine to make the semi sorbet and keep it in the freezer -15 °C.

Curry coating

  • Grind all the ingredients 6 hours in the grinder.
    500 g Cocoa butter, 50 g Sunflower oil, 50 g Madras curry, 200 g Sugar
  • Watch out the temperature doesn't excess 70°. Let rest a few minutes to cold the massif needed.

Peanut and curry cone

  • Deep the ice cream waffer in the curry coating. Add some coconut before it sets.
    5 g Curry bath, 10 g Ice cream waffer, 2 g Grated coconut
  • Pippe the semisorbet and dispose some peanuts as topping.
    100 g Peanut semisorbet, 5 g Cantonese peanuts
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