Natural concentrated pastes for ice creams


At Sosa Ingredients, we are proud to offer a range of concentrated pastes made with 100% natural ingredients. As a leading food ingredients company, we think about every detail of the food industry, including the dynamic and creative ice cream sector. Our mission is to provide products that are not only easy to use, but also contribute to sustainability by limiting waste and avoiding the use of preservatives in some of them. These characteristics make our concentrated pastes ideal for the creation of high quality, artisanal ice cream.

Benefits of using our natural concentrated pastes in ice creams

Intense flavour and colour with low dosages:

Our pastes are formulated to deliver intense flavour and colour even in small quantities. This is especially beneficial for ice cream, where a standout flavour profile is sought without the need for large amounts of additives. For example, a small amount of our natural yuzu paste, a Japanese citrus fruit, provides a unique and refreshing flavour with notes of lemon and tangerine.

Natural ingredients:

The increasing demand for natural and preservative-free products makes our pastes the perfect choice for ice cream makers who want to offer healthier products. By using our pastes, you can create ice creams that are not only delicious, but also in line with current trends in conscious consumption.

Versatility in creating flavours:

The variety of flavours available in our range allows for great creativity in ice cream making. From traditional flavours such as vanilla and chocolate to more exotic options such as mango, yuzu or raspberry, our pastes allow you to experiment and create unique ice creams that can stand out in the market.

Easy to use:

Our concentrated pastes are extremely easy to incorporate into the ice cream mix, simplifying the production process. They require no additional preparation and integrate perfectly, ensuring even distribution of flavour and colour in every batch.

Practical ice cream applications

Exotic yuzu ice cream:

Natural yuzu paste, a Japanese citrus fruit, provides a unique and refreshing taste with hints of lemon and tangerine. This exotic flavour is ideal for creating gourmet ice creams that surprise and delight the most demanding consumers, offering a new and exciting taste experience.

Vibrant raspberry ice cream:

Our natural concentrated raspberry paste creates a fresh and vibrant raspberry flavoured ice cream, perfect for those looking for an intense fruity experience. Plus, the natural colour of the raspberry provides visual appeal without the need for artificial colouring.

Vainilla gourmet ice cream:

Our vanilla paste, made with natural vanilla extracts, allows you to create vanilla ice cream with a deep and complex flavour profile. The concentration of the paste ensures that every spoonful offers a rich and satisfying flavour.

Dark chocolate ice cream:

You can make a dark chocolate ice cream that will delight chocolate lovers with our cocoa paste concentrate. The paste provides a pure cocoa flavour and a dark colour without the need to add large quantities of cocoa powder.

Tropical mango ice cream:

Mango paste provides a tropical and refreshing flavour ideal for summer. The result is a mango ice cream with a golden colour and a flavour that transports the consumer to a tropical paradise.

Our range of natural concentrated pastes not only improves the taste and colour of ice cream, but also responds to the demands of a market looking for more natural and conscious products. By incorporating these pastes into ice cream production, you get a high quality end product that combines innovation, ease of use and sustainability.

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We invite all ice cream makers to explore the creative possibilities that our natural concentrated pastes can offer and delight their customers with delicious and authentic ice creams.

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