Matcha Te Sorbet


Today we want to share with you an incredibly delicious recipe that will surely satisfy your palate and give you an exceptional culinary experience. Let me introduce you to Matcha Te Sorbet, a perfect option both as a refreshing dessert and as an accompaniment to savoury dishes. This recipe uses high quality ingredients, such as Prosorbet 100 Cold Natur and Matcha Bio C, which make this sorbet suitable for vegans and add an unbeatable touch of freshness.

Prosorbet 100 Cold Natur: A magical combination of vegan stabilisers, emulsifiers and technical sugars: Prosorbet 100 is a key ingredient in this recipe. It is an expertly formulated blend combining stabilisers, emulsifiers and technical sugars, all of which are suitable for vegans. These components are essential to achieve a smooth and creamy texture in our sorbet, without the use of dairy products or eggs. In addition, Prosorbet 100 ensures good water retention, preventing the formation of ice crystals and maintaining the perfect consistency of our Matcha sorbet.

Matcha C Bio Tea: Quality and freshness in every scoop: To enhance the distinctive taste and aroma of the Matcha sorbet, we use Matcha C Bio Tea from organic farming. This high quality Matcha is characterised by its bright green colour and velvety taste. And because it is organically sourced, we ensure that we enjoy Matcha that is grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, without the presence of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Refreshing dessert or perfect accompaniment: One of the best features of Matcha sorbet is its versatility. You can enjoy it as a refreshing, light dessert after a hearty meal or present it as a unique accompaniment to savoury dishes, bringing a touch of freshness and balance. Imagine delighting your guests with an unexpected flavour combination by serving Matcha Tea Sorbet alongside a savoury main course, such as an avocado and mango salad, or even as a garnish for a fish or seafood main course.

Matcha tea Sorbet

Matcha Tea Sorbet

Matcha Tea Sorbet is a unique recipe that combines the freshness of Matcha tea with the smoothness and creaminess of high-quality vegan ingredients, such as Prosorbet 100. This refreshing and versatile dessert can be the perfect finishing touch to any meal, or even a bold accompaniment to savory dishes.
Keyword Gluten Free, Vegetarian


  • 1000 g Rice milk
  • 100 g Prosorbet 100 Cold Natur Sosa
  • 20 g Liquid glycerin Sosa
  • 20 g Matcha C Bio green tea Sosa
  • 200 g Sugar


  • 1 Ice cream machine H2


  • Mix the ingredients and blend.
    1000 g Rice milk, 100 g Prosorbet 100 Cold Natur, 20 g Liquid glycerin, 20 g Matcha C Bio green tea, 200 g Sugar
  • Let it rest for at least 6 hours and churn with an ice cream machine.
  • Keep in the freezer at -15ºC.
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