Revolutionizing Pastry: Jordi Bordas’ International Tour with Sosa Ingredients 


We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights from the recent global tour of Jordi Bordas, the world-renowned pastry chef and our dedicated brand ambassador at Sosa Ingredients. Jordi’s tour has set a new standard in the pastry world with a focus on healthier, innovative creations. This journey spanned across China, the UK, and the Netherlands, showcasing Jordi’s expertise and the versatility of Sosa Ingredients. 

Who is Jordi Bordas?

Jordi Bordas is a celebrated name in the pastry industry, known for his groundbreaking techniques and dedication to healthier pastry alternatives. As the winner of the World Pastry Championship, Jordi has made it his mission to innovate and inspire with recipes that don’t compromise on flavor or texture while being mindful of health. 

Sosa Ingredients: partnering for a healthier pastry-making 

At Sosa Ingredients, we are proud to have Jordi Bordas as our brand ambassador. His philosophy aligns perfectly with our commitment to provide ingredients that make healthier pastry creation possible. Together, we are redefining the art of pastry, making it more accessible and beneficial for everyone. 

Highlights from the China Tour 

Jordi Bordas’ tour in China began with a collaborative session at WeWork, where FSP chefs met with Jordi’s team to discuss and refine recipes, marketing strategies, and the latest innovations in fiber usage. This was followed by a series of live streams at the Valrhona Selection Stand and Sinodis Night, where Jordi and his team demonstrated the applications of Sosa Ingredients and shared insights into healthier pastry making. 

Internal training sessions at WeWork were conducted for business developers, marketing professionals, and FSP & Sinodis chefs, covering essential topics such as the benefits of fiber in recipes, the differences between cold and hot Inulin, and the logic behind less sweet formulations. 

A special VIP training day was dedicated to both theory and practical sessions, where participants learned about recipe stability, the benefits of fibers, and various Sosa techniques like gelation, thickening, and emulsification. The versatility of Sosa Ingredients was showcased through the Texture Tasting Box, featuring nine basic applications on different base textures, including nuts, puree, chocolate, and cream. 

The China tour culminated in a grand public demonstration, attended by 74 participants. Supported by translator Yunting and chefs Jessie and Leafy for Q&A, and coordinated by Anna and Jaume for the live stream, this session provided an opportunity to witness firsthand the magic of Jordi’s healthier pastry creations. 

The European leg of the tour 

After an inspiring journey in China, Jordi Bordas’ tour continues in Europe, with notable events in the UK and the Netherlands. One highlight was a remarkable event at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu School in London. Attendees were treated to exclusive recipes, application tips, and a live demonstration by Jordi himself, focusing on the innovative use of fibers in pastry. 

This session provided invaluable insights into the benefits of incorporating fiber into sweet gastronomy, showcasing how healthier ingredients can enhance both flavor and texture without compromising on quality. 

In Amsterdam, the tour was further enriched by the collaboration of the Krasnapolsky Team, who provided exceptional hospitality and support, ensuring a seamless and inspiring experience for all participants.

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