Isomalt Thread

SOSA Isomalt Thread

Isomalt Thread

In this caramel decoration made by: Matthias Mittermeier 100% Isomalt powder has been used, which is a derivative of sucrose but has the advantage of providing only half the calories of sucrose. Isomalt is stable at high temperatures without browning (150°C) and is perfect for the production of caramels and pastry elaborations.
Servings 1


  • 600 g Isomat SOSA
  • 250 g Glucose SOSA
  • 250 g Water
  • q/s Powdered violet natural colouring SOSA
  • 10 drops Aroma of violet SOSA
  • 40 g Butter


  • 1 Spinning rods
  • 1 Drill


  • Mix the Isomalt with the Glucose and water and reduce to 170ºC.
    600 g Isomat, 250 g Glucose, 250 g Water
  • Remove from the heat and add the colouring diluted in water, the flavouring and the butter.
    q/s Powdered violet natural colouring, 10 drops Aroma of violet, 40 g Butter
  • Mix all elements.
  • Temper the caramel and pick it up with spinning rods.
  • Activate the drill with the non-stick round coupling and add the caramel while turning the drill.
  • Allow to cool and remove the caramel spring.


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