Black Trompets and Truffle Grated Jelly


In the exciting world of gastronomy, every dish tells a story. Today we invite you to dive into our latest creation: Black Trompets and Truffle Grated Jelly. What makes this recipe truly special is our new ally in the kitchen, the revolutionary Gracila Gel, extracted from Gracilaria algae. Join us on this culinary journey where quality, seasonality and proximity merge to create a dish that will captivate your senses.

This new gelling agent, 100% natural, not only redefines the texture of our dishes, but also adds a unique touch to the Black Trompets and Truffle Grated Jelly. We have meticulously selected ingredients of the highest quality, prioritising seasonality and proximity to ensure a fresh and authentic taste.

The combination of the delicate Trumpets of Death with the aromatic intensity of the truffle creates a symphony of flavours that will delight your palate. And to further enhance your senses, we’ve added a special touch: the unmistakable Truffle Aroma, which elevates this culinary experience to new heights of gastronomic pleasure.

Keep in mind that this Grated Jelly is designed to be the perfect accompaniment to your starters and side dishes. Discover how this unique recipe can elevate your entire culinary experience.

Grated Truffle Gelatine

Black Trompets and Truffle Grated Jelly


  • 200 g Water
  • 20 g Trumpet of death
  • 2 g Salt
  • 8 g Gracila Gel Sosa
  • 2 g Truffle aroma Sosa


  • Blend the black trumpets with the water.
    200 g Water, 20 g Trumpet of death, 2 g Salt
  • Add the Gracila Gel and bring to the boil.
    8 g Gracila Gel
  • Once it stops boiling, add the truffle flavouring and let it set.
    2 g Truffle aroma
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