Discover the future of cooking with Gracila Gel: Innovation in vegetable gelling 


In the exciting world of gastronomy, we are always on the lookout for innovations that not only elevate the taste of our food, but also provide us with healthier and more environmentally friendly options. That’s why today we are proud to introduce Gracila Gel, the latest breakthrough in texturisers, designed to meet the demands of the modern culinary enthusiast.

The outstanding property of Gracila Gel is its gelling capacity, thanks to the fact that it is a gelling agent of 100% vegetable origin obtained from Graciliaria seaweed. This product is the perfect answer for those looking for clean label solutions, as it is not considered an additive, it is simply labelled as Gracilaria seaweed powder.

Compared to conventional options such as Agar-Agar, pectins or carrageenans, Gracila Gel stands out for its versatility, having a wider range of applications than Agar Agar. From hard jellies to creamy jellies, gels, compotes and curds, the possibilities are endless.

One of the most extraordinary features of Gracila Gel is its ability to gelling in acids and very salty liquids, such as soy sauce. But it doesn’t stop there: this powerful texturiser also works with dairy bases and even high-proof alcohols, as long as the recommended dosage (from 0.8%) is respected.

The resistance of Gracila Gel goes beyond expectations, withstanding temperatures above 70 degrees without losing its gelled texture. In addition, it is thermo-reversible from 85 degrees, giving you precise control over the consistency of your preparations.

Concerned about altering the original taste of your creations? Stop worrying, Gracila Gel is a master of texture that adds no flavour to the liquid it is applied to, allowing the natural flavours of your ingredients to shine through without distraction.

From the lab to the star table: Gracila Gel’s fascinating developmental journey with Disfrutar 

Behind every culinary innovation is a meticulous development process, and Gracila Gel is no exception. Sosa Ingredients, a leader in the search for breakthrough solutions, had the privilege of working closely with the team at one of the world’s most outstanding restaurants: Disfrutar, awarded with 3 Michelin stars.

The journey began in Sosa Ingredients’ Research and Development laboratory, where they set themselves the challenge of creating an ingredient that would encapsulate purity while incorporating the technical precision required in gourmet cuisine. After exhaustive testing, the choice was clear: Alga Graciliaria proved to be the gem we were looking for.

Once the product was homogenised, it was enthusiastically handed over to the culinary experts at the Disfrutar restaurant. Their R&D team was quick to put Gracila Gel’s capabilities to the test. The first test was a direct comparison with Agar-Agar, using one of their star menu recipes: Crispy egg yolk with hot mushroom jelly.

What followed was a fascinating process of experimentation, where Gracila Gel’s versatility was put to the test in various applications. However, the real surprise came when they decided to explore a unique technique: the creation of an aerated gelatine with siphon.

This feat was made possible thanks to the slow gelling that Gracila Gel offers, allowing masterful manipulation of the texture.

This exciting collaborative process not only validated Gracila Gel’s excellence, but also demonstrated its ability to elevate culinary techniques to new heights. From the R&D laboratories to the Michelin-starred restaurant plate, Gracila Gel has proven to be the perfect partner for the most demanding chefs in search of culinary excellence.

We invite you to discover all the tests and applications of Gracila Gel with Disfrutar Restaurant.

In short, Gracila Gel is not just a gelling agent, it is a versatile culinary tool that will transform your creations into unique gastronomic experiences.

Join the cooking revolution and discover how Gracila Gel can take your dishes to the next level.

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