Sosa Ingredients at the Gastronomic Forum Barcelona: A festival of flavours and creativity culminating in success


On the 6th, 7th and 8th of November 2023, Barcelona became the gastronomic epicentre thanks to the prestigious event “Forum Gastronómico Barcelona”. This year, Sosa Ingredients had the honour of participating as a sponsor, bringing customers, industry professionals and students closer to the avant-garde of culinary innovation.

Sosa Ingredients’ commitment to excellence and creativity was further evidenced on Monday 6th November, when we participated as sponsors of the “Best Creative Dessert” in the VIII edition of the “Best Dessert” competition organised by Espai Sucre. The event attracted talented chefs and pastry chefs, but it was Mar Ibáñez from Hisop Restaurant (Barcelona) who won the most coveted awards.

The winners: A feast of creativity and flavour

Mar Ibáñez received the prestigious “ESPAISUCREthebestdessert23 Award” for her innovative creations: “Shiso, almond and cucumber” and “Komuntu 80%, cep and vinegar”. But the connection between Sosa Ingredients and culinary creativity did not end there. Mar Ibáñez was also awarded the “Sosa Creative Dessert Award” for her exceptional presentation “Shiso, almond and cucumber”.

In addition, the “VALRHONA Prize for the best chocolate dessert” was awarded to Alberto Montes from Restaurante Atrio *** (Cáceres) for his impressive creation: “Cacao, banana and spices”. A tribute to the art of chocolate that captivated the attendees and reinforced the importance of collaboration between the big names in the gastronomy industry.

An unforgettable gastronomic experience

During the three-day event, Sosa Ingredients chefs served a tasting menu that not only delighted palates, but also demonstrated the versatility and quality of Sosa’s products. Loaded with Mediterranean flavours and executed with technical precision, the menu was a unique culinary experience that reflected the brand’s passion for innovation.

For those wishing to recreate these delights at home, the full recipe booklet of the tasting menu is available at the link below, allowing culinary enthusiasts to explore the endless possibilities of Sosa Ingredients products.

Innovation with every sip

The gastronomic experience at the Forum Gastronómico Barcelona was not just limited to the dishes, but extended to every sip thanks to the collaboration with the talented cocktail maker Cristian Hornos.

Hornos, renowned for his mixology skills, not only witnessed the culinary delights presented by Sosa Ingredients, but also brought his creativity to the event with an exclusive selection of cocktails.

Using Sosa’s outstanding products, such as the innovative Proespuma, Hornos elevated the attendees’ experience, fusing textures and flavours in a masterful way. His participation was a tribute to the synergy between cuisine and cocktails, offering attendees a complete and unforgettable experience.


Sosa Ingredients would like to express its deep gratitude to all the attendees who made this event possible and to the Valrhona Selection team for their active participation. Collaboration between the leading names in gastronomy is essential to continue raising standards and enriching the culinary experience for all.

The Gastronomic Forum Barcelona 2023 was more than an event; it was a celebration of creativity, passion and excellence in gastronomy. Sosa Ingredients looks forward to continuing to inspire and be an integral part of future events that continue to drive innovation in cuisine globally. Until the next culinary event!

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