Foie gras, Strawberry and Pistachio Lollipop


Get ready for a truly exceptional culinary journey in our blog of recipes and trends in gastronomy and patisserie! On this occasion, we are pleased to present you with an extraordinary creation by the talented chef Martin Lippo: the Foie Gras, Strawberry and Pistachio Lollipop. This lollipop is a symphony of flavours and textures that will leave you in awe.

Foie gras, known for its exquisiteness, is the star of this recipe. Chef Martin Lippo has elevated its flavour and texture even further, transforming it into a culinary masterpiece. But here comes the surprise: instead of following the traditional path of savoury dishes, he has decided to give it a surprising twist, combining the savoury with the sweet.

The strawberry coating is the first element that will surprise you. Chef Martin Lippo uses 100% Adamance strawberry puree to create a coating that is simply irresistible. But what makes this coating even more special is the use of Vegetable Gelling Agent, which not only gives it an amazing purity and transparency, but also a gloss that looks like fake spherification. It’s a real visual spectacle that will leave you open-mouthed.

But that’s not all. For the perfect finishing touch, pistachios are added. These little green treasures bring a unique crunch and flavour that exceptionally complement the smoothness of the foie gras and the freshness of the strawberry.

This Foie Gras, Strawberry and Pistachio Lollipop is much more than a simple recipe; it is a gastronomic experience that will transport you to a world of flavours and sensations. The contrast between salty and sweet, the transparency of the strawberry coating and the explosion of flavour from the pistachios make this creation by Martin Lippo a true culinary jewel.

Foie Gras, Strawberry and Pistachio Lollipop


Foie Gras

  • 250 g Fresh foie gras
  • 2 g Fine salt
  • 0,25 g Four spices
  • 10 g Port wine

Strawberry coating

  • 400 g Strawberry puree Adamance
  • 11 g Vegetable Gelling Agent Sosa


  • Ground pistachio


Foie Gras

  • Cook the foie gras sous vide with salt and spices for 40 minutes at 63°C.
    250 g Fresh foie gras, 2 g Fine salt, 0,25 g Four spices
  • While warm, place it in speed blender.
  • Add port wine. Emulsify it. Fine strain.
    10 g Port wine
  • Place it in a piping bag. Fill sphere silicon mold with it. Insert lollipop sticks.
  • Freeze at -18°C. Unmold it.

Strawberry coating

  • Heat thes trawberry puree at 90°C.
    400 g Strawberry puree
  • Add the vegetable gelling agent by whisking.
    11 g Vegetable Gelling Agent

Final Assembly

  • Dip the frozen lollipops into the strawberry coating,
  • Roll in ground pistachio.
    Ground pistachio
  • Keep in the fridge until serve it.

If you’re looking to surprise your guests at your next dinner party or simply want to experience something new and exciting in the kitchen, you can’t miss this Foie Gras, Strawberry and Pistachio Lollipop.

We guarantee it will be a culinary experience you won’t forget!

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