How to enhance ice cream flavours with toppings?


At Sosa Ingredients, we believe toppings are an option to enhance an ice cream into a complete sensory experience. Not only do they add an extra dimension of flavour, but they also improve texture and visual presentation. Here are three of our favourite ranges of toppings that can elevate your ice cream creations to a new level of sophistication and delight.

Cantonese-style nuts

Cantonese style is an Asian caramelisation technique that intensifies the flavour of the nuts, making them less sweet, more resistant to moisture and aesthetically more attractive thanks to their gloss and uniform caramelisation. Thanks to our production process, the nuts are soaked for 24 hours in syrup and then fried in olive oil, which removes excess sugar and produces a glossy, moisture-resistant topping.

Our selection:

  • Cantonese pecan nut.
  • Cantonese italian hazelnut.
  • Cantonese cacao nibs.
  • Cantonese dices pecan nut.
  • Cantonese almond.
  • Cantonese sesame.
  • Cantonese diced hazelnut.
  • Cantonese diced almond.

Wet proof crispies

Unique to the market, Wet Proof Crispies are crunchy fruit bites with an intense flavour and a protective coating that makes them moisture resistant. They add texture and a sparkling touch to your ice creams and sorbets, staying crisp and fresh even in humid environments.

Our selection:

  • Crispy wet proof raspberry.
  • Crispy wet proof passion fruit.
  • Crispy wet proof mango.
  • Crispy wet proof strawberry.
  • Crispy wet proof lime.
  • Crispy wet proof pomegranate.
  • Crispy wet proof blackcurrant.
  • Crispy wet proof pineapple.
  • Crispy wet proof banana.

Fruit & Sauce Cold Confit

Our unique confit technique, Cold Confit®, allows the maximum flavour and properties of the fruit to be maintained. The whole fruit is confit in its own sauce, offering a versatile option to use both the fruit and the sauce separately or together. This topping contains a minimum of 50% whole fruit, guaranteeing an authentic and natural taste.

Our selection:

  • Whole strawberry.
  • Mango cubes.
  • Whole wild berries.
  • Whole blueberry.
  • Pear cubes.
  • Apple cubes.
  • Orange peel.

Adding these toppings to your ice cream not only adds a burst of flavour and texture, but also allows your customers to enjoy a richer and more complete experience. Explore our options and discover how they can transform your creations!

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