“Coca de Sant Joan”: Candied orange and Gianduja Cake


The night of 23rd to 24th June is one of the most magical nights of the year in Catalonia. Specifically, it is an important and festive date in the Catalan calendar for the celebration of the festival of Sant Joan, or more popularly known as the revetlla de Sant Joan, in Catalan. This festival not only marks the summer solstice, but, being the shortest night of the year, it is steeped in a rich cultural tradition and an unrivalled festive spirit.

The revetlla de Sant Joan is characterised by being a fascinating night full of joy and enthusiasm, where the streets, beaches and squares of all Catalan towns and villages become spaces full of light and colour, lit up by bonfires and fireworks. It stands out as a day where friends and families get together to enjoy a unique evening, toasting with traditional cava and sharing typical dishes of the festivities such as the Coca de Sant Joan.

Coca de Sant Joan is a delicious sweet typical of the Catalan region. It is a baked pastry with candied fruit, pine nuts or almonds, whose oval shape and decoration reflect the festive and colourful spirit of the occasion, evoking the colours of the fruit and the vivid hues of the fireworks. This dessert is an essential element of this special day, being shared and savoured among friends and family as part of the tradition and essence of this festivity.

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